Get your business ready for the holiday rush

The holiday season is typically a chaotic time, both professionally and personally, and it’s important to stay focused in order to reach your goals. Here’s a chronological list of marketing ideas to show you how to tackle the holiday rush.


  • Devise a detailed holiday plan of attack. Doing a little prep and planning ahead of time will allow you to skip much of the frenzy and feel a little more festive when the holiday season suddenly arrives
  • Create a holiday budget. Keep it realistic and stick to it.
  • Get inspired. Check out what other businesses do during the holidays by perusing Pinterest, looking at their Facebook advertisements, or engaging in a discussion board to gather learnings.
  • Do some market research. What are your customers looking for this holiday season? How will you meet those demands?
  • This where we come in - Prepare your inventory. The holiday rush will be upon you soon. Get your inventory ordered, and in order. Drip Forge has great deals ahead of holiday shopping. We can offer special wholesale deals so you can exceed your customers expectations and still make great margins.
  • Plan your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Schedule these sales carefully. What will the sale be? When will the sale launch? How will you advertise the sale?
  • Design and order your advertising materials. Now is the time to get Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale materials. This could include social media post, banners, post cards, flyers or whatever means you would like to utilize to get the word out and have a successful holiday sale.


  • “Holidize” your store or website. If you have a brick and mortar, consider hosting an event, decorating your storefront, and playing holiday music. If you have a website, refresh your designs (while staying on-brand) to get customers into the holiday spirit.
  • Prepare Inventory. Be sure to take advantage of all the holiday deals offered by your vendors and look to bring in a new brand for the holiday. Make sure to focus your Black Friday deals on the products you were given good deals on, yourself. Example: Drip Forge will have HUGE deals on each brand for one week. with the exception of BVD it will be on sale for two weeks. We will be offering 100 100mL bottles for $600.00. this will allow you to offer great deals and retain your margin on each sale.
  • Participate in Small Business Saturday. Create a special offer, event or promotion to coincide with Small Business Saturday.
  • Order your holiday cards in advance. Make sure you order enough for your customers and employees. It’s easy to underestimate your needs in this area. Sending or handing your customers holiday cards can help create customer loyalty.
  • Order thank you cards or gifts like mugs, calendars or branded promotional items with your logo on them. It’s never a bad time to thank your customers and employees, and to strengthen your relationships for the upcoming year.
  • Launch your Black Friday Sale. The day after Thanksgiving is a key day to market to your customers with clear discount messaging that drives interest and understanding of the savings involved.
  • Hang posters and banners and blast social media. Announce your sale and attract potential customers passing by and existing customers browsing and considering their purchases. Now is the best time to do a giveaway or promotion on social media.


  • Record and analyze the results from your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Make notes of what worked and what didn’t to give you insights for the next holiday season.
  • Send out holiday cards to your customer base. Consider including holiday cards with new orders.
  • Thank your customers and employees. Send thank you cards or promotional items with your logo on them to remind your customers of your business.
  • Consider a refresh. Think about re-examining your design for the new year. This is a great time for some fresh thinking around your visual identity.
  • Inventory.  Stock up on liquids early so you can offer your customers great holiday gift ideas or a good deal on their favorite style of flavors. 

Good luck! Keep grinding.